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Welcome to Sandstone Technologies

Sandstone Technologies™ is a leading manufacturer of OEM compatible fiber optic transceivers, and passive fiber optic components. At its core, Sandstone is an engineering-driven company capable of helping its customers through the entire product development, product management and product delivery process. Sandstone’s reputation for delivering superior, highly reliable products starts with our on-site engineers programming, testing and certifying every unit to our clients’ precise specifications.

Our Competitiveness

Engineering Expertise

Sandstone develops and economically delivers superior optical products, systems and services, and associated components, all tailored to the market’s needs.

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Unparalleled Process

Sandstone’s engineering team simulates our client’s field environments in our on-site labs, to ensure exceptional real-world product performance, every time.

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Quality Guarantee

Our comprehensive testing, certification and environment simulation process is the foundation behind our product guarantee that is unparalleled in the industry.

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