Extended Distance Transceivers.

Client: Leading Quad-play Network Provider

Location: Spain


This case study will outline how Sandstone Technologies worked with its customers to ensure their passive optical equipment are not just expensive consumables but a well-managed asset.


The client was planning a network overhaul, specifically looking to upgrade rural mobile coverage to 4G. The existing 3G had required PoPs and repeaters in locations that had few or no subscribers. They were looking for a way to avoid deploying very costly 4G equipment in areas that would generate little or no return on investment. The NEMs were only able to offer transceivers with a maximum range of 80km.


During that planning phase, the client was already in conversation with the team at Sandstone regarding the recovery of the soon-to-be redundant 3G equipment. PICS Telecom was able to suggest the use of extended distance transceivers from Sandstone Technologies™.

This enabled the customer to use SDH transceivers with ranges of up to 260km without the need for additional and costly amplifiers or boosters. They were able to achieve 10G links at 110km and 100G links at 40km to 80km.


The carrier was able to cut out as many as two repeaters in numerous network links. The Sandstone extended-range optics provided a capability that was not available from the NEM and provided significant savings when compared to the 80km options from the vendor. In addition to these cost savings, Sandstone was able to deliver much faster.

Another key benefit for the client was the ability to source, from Sandstone, a single transceiver that was compatible across the variety of different vendor brands deployed within the network.


  • Savings in excess of €1m in transceivers cost
  • €15m+ saved from repeating hardware and housing, ongoing savings in power and environmental control costs
  • Project planning, JiT delivery & multiple vendor compatibility led to an 80% reduction in transceiver stock

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