Sandstone optical transceivers: Engineering expertise.

Sandstone Technologies consists of a global collaboration of experienced network engineers who work closely to deliver rock-solid products with consistent, reliable performance.

As a result, at Sandstone we believe true value is found within the extensive service, testing, and support suite that sit alongside our products. Sandstone’s expertise allows Sandstone Technologies to stand alone as a premium OEM of optical equipment whilst acting as a natural extension to any workforce.

Sandstone products are designed and developed from the ground up to cohesively integrate with any given network, this can only be achieved given Sandstone’s underlying engineering expertise.

Sandstone seeks effective collaboration with its global network partners in order to scale and/or optimise networks across the globe.

» Adding value Sandstone optical transceivers.

  • Cost-saving (up to 90% over OEM price )
  • Energy savings
  • Bulletproof support
  • Extensive testing

» Actions speak louder than words, browse Sandstones success stories here or connect with Sandstone here.

» Or connect with Sandstones partner company PICS Telecom.

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