Carrier Selects Sandstone Technologies Optical Solutions.

Client: Tier 1 International Telecoms Carrier

Location: Global


this case study will outline how Sandstone Technologies worked with a Tier 1 International Telecoms Carrier to support their optical requirements, saving Cap-Ex without compromising on quality and reliability.


The client had taken the decision that sourcing over-priced optics from their vendors had little benefit. Furthermore; procuring optics from multiple vendors over-complicated their supply chain and added unreasonable delays to network planning and deployment.

Aire found that locally sourced 3rd party optics could have inferior reliability leading to an increase in costs associated with engineering and support. There was still an overall saving when compared to the use of vendor products.


Using Sandstone Technologies’ vendor equivalent optical solutions, PICS Telecom were able to consult with the engineering and financial stakeholders for the client. Initially, the client successfully tested some optical solutions that were not supported by their vendor and were not available from their local supplier. The solution was deployed network wide as was seen to provide superior functionality, greater stability and reliability.

The Sandstone product was proven to offer significant savings versus that from the vendors, whilst not compromising on quality. Sandstone was not always as cheap as the local supplier for the client’s run-rate optics. After some months of internal cost analysis together with ongoing consultation with PICS; the client’s management team calculated the overall cost of ownership locally sourced optics was higher than expected, due to engineer call-outs and unplanned network downtime.

The client selected PICS and Sandstone as their preferred supplier for all optic components and solutions. 


The client has made significant savings over the last three years. They have been particularly impressed with PICS flexible and collaborative approach and rapid response to tackle expansion challenges, research and deploy new and improved solutions and the close levels of support and engineering collaboration.

The client have simplified their supply chain for optics, this has enabled them to reduce the level of spares and general stock required to support their rapidly growing network. Concerns over lead-times and availability are worry of the past. 

Ongoing collaboration with PICS engineers has enabled our client to:

  • Implement optics that are compatible with equipment from multiple vendors
  • Migrate easily from 1G and 10G to 100G and beyond.
  • Design and deploy a highly innovative, scalable, and bespoke ROADM solution to support an {aggressive} Next Generation communications network that will be up-to-date and relevant for many years to come.


  • Savings of up to 97% of the vendor list price.
  • Sandstone’s quality processes mean that they have enjoyed almost zero in-system failures with Sandstone optics in the last 5 years.
  • Sandstone’s hassle-free warranty provides peace of mind and the knowledge that PICS will resolve any problems quickly, efficiently, and at no extra cost.

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