Telecom Optics As A Service.

Client: International Carrier Network Operator

Location: Global


Following an internal audit, the client discovered that their annual expenditure on optical transceivers was growing at an unsustainable rate due to the vast costs of buying 100G & 400G capable optics to keep up with the demand on their network.

As the premier supplier of Sandstone Technologies, PICS Telecom was able to offer a range of optical transceivers to reduce the expenditure on these costly consumables. While testing the optics in the client’s lab, PICS optical experts observed 2 further issues where major cost savings could be made. 

The client was experiencing large scale packet loss due to uncertified cabling. This problem had gone unidentified for weeks and was attached to the switching solution they were using. Furthermore, the client was storing the transceivers in a central European hub with engineers across the globe holding stock personally, without accurate stock level records. If an engineer requested an optic, it was sent via courier to the engineer on a next day service. 

The cost of the asset then went unknown, as the client had very little idea where and reasoning why their stock was being deployed. There was no record of any RMA’s, so attaching a true cost to each optic became impossible.

The Solution:

PICS consulted with the client’s stakeholders to ensure a complete understanding of their internal pain points. From this, PICS was able to use their global supplier base and extensive industry knowledge to offer a fully bespoke, engineered range of optical transceivers from Sandstone Technologies. This provided dramatic savings vs the OEM branded solution.

PICS engineers with over 40 years of experience tested and verified the optics in the PICS state-of-the-art test lab then followed with a site visit to ensure the client was comfortable with the solution. While on-site, the PICS engineer was informed of the issue of packet loss. This issue was identified and fixed immediately with the provision of carrier-grade cabling from Sandstone Technologies, instantly improving the performance of the client’s network.

PICS global warehousing provided forward stock high-demand optics and offered an 8-hour SLA to hundreds of locations, allowing the customer to slash courier costs in half, as well as maintain accurate inventory.


The collaborative approach PICS delivered was able to ensure all pain points were covered across each level of the business. The result was a savings more than $1 million per year across their purchasing on hardware and supply chain expenses. The reduction in lead time to site has also reduced link downtime and improved overall service for their customers.

  • Over $1million saved per year on hardware and supply chain expenses.
  • An issue that went unidentified for 3 weeks, was discovered by PICS within 30 minutes. 
  • Delivery times were reduced drastically 24/36 hours to only 8 hours. 

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