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Who We Are


Mission Statement

Sandstone’s mission is to create lasting partnerships that leverage the quality of our products and our people, thereby ensuring that our customers consistently, efficiently and economically deliver superior, reliable products and services to their clients.


Sandstone Technologies™ is a related company of PICS Telecom, a global leader in reverse logistics and investment recovery services for the telecom industry.  In the process of providing its services to many of the world’s largest telecom companies, the PICS team came to the realization that the connected world was changing dramatically, with end customers demanding from telecom and like providers, faster networks able to rapidly and reliably deliver higher-value content. To that end, Sandstone was launched with a vision of changing the optical systems and components industry landscape through venturing outside the role of commodity provider, in favor of becoming a collaborative presence able to assist our partners in their service development, service operations and supply chain management endeavors.

Today, the Sandstone vision is a reality, and companies worldwide have successfully embraced the Sandstone collaborative model. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, with manufacturing and sales offices worldwide, Sandstone is emerging as a global leader known for its superior products and processes, and an ironclad guarantee that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our Expertise

At its core, Sandstone is an engineering-driven company capable of helping its customers through the entire product development, product management and product delivery process.  Our goals invariably align with those of our clients – to develop and economically deliver superior optical products, systems and services, and associated components, all tailored to the market’s needs.

Sandstone’s engineering team is, effectively, an extension of our partner’s workforce.  Whether we are working on-site with our clients on product development, or deployed at one of our many manufacturing or laboratory facilities, we are always applying our skills with our partners’ needs in mind.

Our Process

Sandstone’s reputation for delivering superior, highly reliable products starts with our on-site engineers programming, testing and certifying every unit to our clients’ precise specifications. Our engineering team simulates our client’s field environments in our on-site labs, to ensure exceptional real-world product performance, every time.

Our Guarantee

Our comprehensive testing, certification and environment simulation process is the foundation behind our product guarantee that is unparalleled in the industry.  If it doesn’t work, we’ll replace it at no charge.  Guaranteed.